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Betamethasone Valerate Cream

Betamethasone Valerate Cream
Betamethasone Valerate Cream
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Betamethasone Valerate Cream, Betamethasone Valerate Cream usp 0.1%

Betamethasone Valerate cream is utilized for reducing itching, inflammation, and swelling related to numerous skin conditions. This is a topical corticosteroid that works by reducing the placement, release, and action of various cells and chemicals, which cause redness, swelling and itchiness.

What is Betamethasone Valerate Cream used for ?

Betnovate ointment, creams and lotions are utilized to treat many incendiary, allergic or itchy skin conditions. These are prescribed when gentler corticosteroids haven't been effectual. Main conditions are listed below.
Eczema of different types :

  • Skin excitation due to allergic reactions or irritants (allergic contact eczema or pain contact dermatitis).
  • Incendiary skin condition with sebaceous, red and rough areas (seborrhoeic dermatitis).
  • Psoriasis (skin disease)
  • Callous skin rash grounded by inordinate scratching to assuage itching (dermatitis, eg lichen simplex).
  • A symptom of hard tubercles in the skin attended by bad itching (prurigo nodularis).
  • Skin disorder that effects in a flat, restless, violet rash, normally on the shins, lower back, wrists and genital organ (lichen planus).
  • Inflammatory skin illness known as discoidal lupus erythematosus (DLE).
  • Intense and far-flung skin skin (generalized erythroderma) in collection with oral or dispensed corticosteroids.
  • Reactions to insect stings and bites.

Do NOT use betamethasone valerate cream if :-
You are hypersensitive to any ingredient of this cream.

Before applying Betamethasone Valerate cream :-

Some medical states may interact with this cream, so talk to your doctor or pharmacist if any of the following condition prevails:

  • If you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or are breast-feeding.
  • If you are using any prescription drug, nonprescription medicine, a herbal formulation, or a dietary additive.
  • If you have allergic reactions to foods, medicines or some other substances.
  • If you have a thinning of the skin, a skin contagion, tuberculosis (TB), shingles, measles, chickenpox, or a positive TB skin test, or have lately been vaccinated.
  • Some medications may interact with Betamethasone Valerate cream. Because if even the little amount of betamethasone valerate cream is engrossed into the blood, the hazard of its interaction with another medication is low.
  • Call your health care provider and let him know about the medicines you are using with this cream. Inform the your health care provider before in case you are making any change in the dose of the cream.
How to use Betamethasone Valerate cream :-
  • Apply or use the cream as suggested by your doctor. Do check the the label on the medication for precise dosing instructions.
  • Do not make the mixture of betamethasone valerate cream with any other medication.
  • Apply a little amount of medicine to the smitten or affected area. Mildly rub the cream until it is equally apportioned and wash the hands after applying the cream.
  • Do not cover the skin potions being treated with dressings, bandages or unless well-advised by the doctor.
  • In case you miss one time dose of the cream, apply it as soon as possible. If its' too late skip the missed dose and come back to the regular dosing agenda. Do not apply it repeatedly in the same time.
  • Do ask the health care provider in case of any doubt or query.

Important safety information :-

  • Obviate the long-term use, particularly on the face, near the eyes, on the rectal and genita areas, and in skin crimps.
  • The cream is just for external use and its contact with eyes or eyelids is harmful, instantly flush with cool tap water in case of such a contact.
  • Do not apply Betamethasone Valerate Cream for some other skin conditions.
  • If the cream is prescribed to medicate the nappy area of a baby, avoid the tight-fitting nappies and plastic pants.
  • It should be applied with utmost caution in children.
  • Pregnancy and Breast-feeding: If you are pregnant, contact your doctor before applying the cream. That will let you know the benefits and risks of utilizing Betamethasone Valerate Cream. It is not better-known if this medicine pass in the breast milk. So do discuss the matter with the doctor regarding the possible risks of the application.
How does Betnovate work ?
  • Betnovate products comprise the active ingredient betamethasone that is a kind of medication titled a topical corticosteroid. The ointment and creams are also found without the brand name and with a generic medicine.
  • Corticosteroids (also famous as steroids) are medications utilized for curing inflammation. Skin redness and infections may occur as an outcome of an allergy, or vexation of the skin. It is reasoned by the immune system releasing matters, which make the skin blood vessels widened. This makes the affected area red, puffy, restless, itchy and painful, as is realized in eczema or dermatitis. When Betamethasone is used on the skin it acts inside cells to cut the release of these unhealthy substances and cut down lump, redness and itchiness.
  • There is a scope of potencies of corticoid accessible for usage to the skin. Betnovate cream, lotion and ointment contain betamethasone valerate 0.1% and are formed as powerful and strong corticosteroids. They are recommended to medicate different inflammatory skin disorders, which have not reacted to gentler steroids.
  • The cream is more appropriate for moist, dolorous areas of skin, while the heavier, more oily ointment is more appropriate for dry, scabrous areas of skin. Betnovate lotion disperses easily and is more fit for haired areas of skin, or when minimum use to a large area of skin is needful.


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