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Hepatitis Medicines

Hepatitis refers to the inflammation caused in the tissues of liver. Our offered Hepatitis Medicines are used for treating symptoms such as tiredness, nausea, fever, diarrhea and headache. The main ingredients used in these medicines are Peginterferon and ribavirin that help in preventing the growth of bacteria which causes hepatitis. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B both can be treated by using this range of medicines.

Anti Cancer Medicines

Our offered Anti Cancer Medicines prevent the growth of neoplasms by destroying the cancer cells. In addition, these also inhibit the development of additional blood supply that leads to the growth of cancer cells. These are not only used for treating different kind of cancers but in the conjunction with several therapies and surgeries.

HIV AIDS Medicines

HIV & AIDS Medicines helps in decreasing lethal virus known as Human immunodeficiency virus by strengthening the immune system. These medicines are also known as antiretroviral medicines and work by preventing the virus to make several copies of itself. This helps in providing strength to the immune system for its proper functioning by developing more amount of CD4 T cells.

Generic Medicines

The mentioned Generic Medicines find usage in various treatments such as nausea, cough, headache, neck pain, cold, stomach ache, vomiting, nose bleeding, constipation, allergy and many more. This range also includes all the medicines required by a smoker to quit smoking. The effect of these medicines is same as that of branded ones but have lower costs.

Pharmacy Dropshipping Service

Health and wellness is the main concern of our company and for this we offer Drop Shipping Service of an extensive range of pharmacy from generic to the branded ones. Our offered services are an ideal choice for all health-conscious people as they don't have to move from one store to another in search of their prescription. We ensure timely delivery of the trusted and tested pharmaceutical products.

Human Albumin is used in the treatment of a number of conditions such as low level of protein, burns, blood loss, etc. In bypass surgeries, this is used as an additional medicine. As it contains plasma proteins, hence, increases the volume of plasma. This range of medicines should only be used after consulting doctor.

Our offered range of Skin Care Products not only enhances the appearance of the skin but relieves its condition. These products are rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants to treat number of issues such as  uneven skin tone,  blemishes, tanning, scars, wrinkles, acne and many more. The mentioned category is suitable for all skin types and can be used by both men and women.

Pharmaceutical Capsules are the most effective way to intake medicine. Be it hard capsules or soft ones, we offer both kinds of this range. The hard shelled ones are made with gelatin and contains medicine in the powdered form. However, the ones that are soft shelled are used for oils.

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