Product Image (Kick Tape Cat Tablet 10s)

Kick Tape Cat tablet 10s

Price: 500 INR/Unit

Kicktape-cat from Vekocare is a broad spectrum dewormer for kittens and cats that contain Praziquantel 20 mg, Pyrantel Pamoate 230 mg in each tab. Eliminates all intestinal worms like tapeworm, hookworm, round worms.

Product Image (DECTOMAX INJ50ML)

Dectomax Inj5 0ml

Price: 100 INR/Unit
  • Supply Ability:500-2000 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:15 Days
  • Storage Instructions:Store in cool and dry place. Protect from Light.
  • Physical Form:Liquid
  • Treatments & Functions:De worming
  • Recommended For:Pig, Cattle, Horse, Dogs, Special Breed Animal
  • Medicine Type:Veterinary Injectables
  • Ingredients:Chemicals
Product Image (Kiwof Plus Praziquantel Tablets)

Kiwof Plus Praziquantel

Price: 120 INR/Unit

Kiwof Plus Tablets are indicated for removal of Tapeworms (Dipylidium caninum, Taenia pisiformis, Echinococcus granulosus and removal and control of Echincoccus multilocularis).


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