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Surgical instruments, devices or tools are used for performing cutting, holding, grasping, dissecting, suturing, retracting and many other functions. Stainless steel is the primary material used in the making of surgical instruments. The other metals and alloys used are titanium and vitallium.


Key points:


1. Customers can buy from a specialized array of disposable surgical products.
2. The offered surgical products are used for surgery for diagnosing, preventing or treating disease or injury conditions.
3. Disposable surgical products are medical apparatuses which are meant to be used temporarily or for one-time.
4. Plastic is the material that is often used in the production of disposables as it is relatively available in several different types.
Product Image (Surgical Product)

Surgical Products

A surgical instrument is a tool or device for performing specific actions or carrying out desired effects during a surgery or operation, such as modifying biological tissue, or to provide access for viewing it. Over time, many different kinds of surgical instruments and tools have been invented.

Product Image (I.V CANNULA)

I.V Cannula

Price: 10.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Unit

Sharp spike vented (for bottles & bags) and non-vented (for plastic bottles) for better penetration.

Product Image (Nebulizer with Mask and Tubing)

Nebulizer with Mask and Tubing

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Nebulizer masks are a great piece of equipment that lets you receive the medicated mist without the need to cup your lips around a mouthpiece all the time that may be a tiring job.


Langen Back Retractor

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Amongst the instruments which are used commonly by surgeons and doctors, retractors are one of them. A retractor is an instrument which helps the surgeon in widening an incision or a wound. It can also be used to hold back the tissues and organs which fall near the incision so that the surgeon can easily access the area which is wounded and operate in an easier manner.

Product Image (Surgical Tape Transparent)

Surgical Tape Transparent

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit

PE Surgical Tape is a kind of tape made of PE and medical hypoallergenic adhesive.

Product Image (Folys Cathers)

Folys Cathers

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit

A Foley catheter is a thin, flexible and sterile tube which is passed through the urethra into the urinary bladder.

Product Image (Feeding Tube)

Feeding Tube

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit

A feeding tube is a medical device used to provide nutrition to people who cannot obtain nutrition by mouth, are unable to swallow safely, or need nutritional supplementation.

Product Image (Neonatal Oxygen Face Mask)

Neonatal Oxygen Face Mask

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Salter oxygen masks offer several unique features that make them particularly useful across many situations: 3-channel, crush-resistant safety tubing and secure, over-the-ear design combine for long-term durability and patient satisfaction in oxygen delivery.


Killians Speculum

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit
  • Delivery Time:15 Week
  • Supply Ability:500-2000 Per Week
Product Image (Urine Collection Bag With Bottom Outlet)

Urine Collection Bag With Bottom Outlet

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Urine bags are available either as a leg bag or a drainage bag. A Leg urine bag is attached to the patients thigh with elastic or Velc straps and allows them to move freely during the day.


Hartmann Aural Forcep Fine

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

With a black finish for corrosion resistance, our Hartmann Aural Forceps feature crocodile action and have a 70mm shoulder length.

Product Image (Ryles Tube Feeding )

Ryles Tube Feeding

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

A nasogastric (NG) tube is a small tube that goes into the stomach through the nose.

Product Image (Gauze Swabs)

Gauze Swabs

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Sterile Gauze Swabs are usually sterilized using gamma Irradiation and Ethylene Oxide. Sterile Gauze Swabs are bleached using hydrogen peroxide with demineralized water..

Product Image (Oxygen Nasal Cannula)

Oxygen Nasal Cannula

Price: 10.00 USD ($)/Unit

Nasal cannula is a medical device which is used to increase airflow and deliver oxygen. Nasal cannulae are intended for use commonly by patients in the extended care, home and hospital environments.


Endoscopic Suction With Sickle Knife

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Used for cutting tissue Has a suction duct with suction control on the hand piece Suction function enables simultaneous suction and dissection Curved Enables easier removal of residual cholesteatoma

Product Image (Disposable Needles)

Disposable Needles

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Disposable syringes with needles are crucial in every hospital and nursing care centres.

Product Image (Glucometer)

Glucometer Machine

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Best Glucometer for home use or Best glucometer machine, there are many terms to reach the right one – There could be better ways to say it, but it is a fact that most of us do not have a healthy lifestyle.

Product Image (IV Cannula)

IV Cannula

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Canulla 18G is developed to help minimise the risk of unanticipated blood splash and needlestick injuries.

Product Image (Nebulizer Machine)

Nebulizer Machine

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Romsons Angel Nebulizer ensures effective delivery of medication directly to the surface of the human respiratory tract and lungs. The compact structure, the degree of noiselessness and practicality of use, makes the Romsons Angel Nebulizer ideal for home use

Product Image (Oxygen Mask With Tube)

Oxygen Mask With Tube

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

The Romsons Flexi Mask Oxygen Mask with Tubing is designed for convenient oxygen therapy

Product Image (CUTTING BURR)

Cutting Burr

Burrs or burs (sometimes called rotary files) are small cutting tools; not to be confused with small pieces of metal formed from cutting metal, used in die grinders, rotary tools, or dental drills.

Product Image (Sphygmomanometer Digital Machine)

Sphygmomanometer Digital Machine

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Home monitoring can help you to keep tab on your blood pressure in a familiar setting, make sure that your medication is working, alert you and your doctor to potential health complications.

Product Image (CHITAL FORCEPS)

Chital Forceps

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Cheatle Sterilizer Forceps are used to remove sterilised instruments from boilers and formalin cabinets. They are used to ensure that as each item is removed, others are not infected. The forceps are placed in a container of methylated spirits when not in use.

Product Image (First aid kit)

First Aid Kit

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Almost everyone will need to use a first aid kit at some time. Make time to prepare home and travel kits for your family’s safety.

Product Image (Insulin)

Injectable Syringes

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Choose insulin syringes designed for comfortable injections, in line with the latest recommendations on insulin delivery


Sponge Holding Forceps

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Foerster Sponge Forceps 8" Straight Serrated Jaws Surgical Holding Manufactured for Optimal results and Precision. ... Sponge holding forceps are usually made in the shape of a scissor. The jaws of these forceps are serrated. The handles are ratcheted. Sponge holding forceps are straight.

Product Image (Peripheral Artery Disease - PAD)

Peripheral Artery Disease - PAD

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

These are sanitary pads with loops usually used for women before and after delivery.

Product Image (Cautry knife)

Cautry Knife

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

A knife the blade of which is connected with an electric battery, so that it can be made incandescent and thus sear the tissues, preventing bleeding while cutting.

Product Image (Suction Catheter )

Suction Catheter

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Atraumatic, soft rounded, Open Distal end with one lateral eyes for non-traumatic insertion.


Micro Ear Pick 45 Degree Titanium

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

The Maruto Hasegawa grooming series with 100 years story for pure titanium ear pick EP-901. It is personal ear pick made of a human-friendly material - titanium. Ti ear pick will never rust. It is washable, easy to clean. The nature-friendly ear cleaner is not disposable.


Siegles Speculum Set of 4 With Red Bulm

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

This speculum is used to perform pneumatic otoscopy where the mobility of the ear drum can be tested. Ear drum mobility can be tested by varying the pressure levels at the external auditory canal and observing the movements of the ear drum in response to these pressure changes. Normal ear drum moves in response to pressure changes, i.e. it moves inwards when positive pressure is applied and moves outwards when negative pressure is applied.


Adson Tooth Forcep

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Non-locking Adson thumb forceps are ideal for removing sutures, holding tissue, moving dressings and removing drainage tubes Adson Tissue Forceps are available with a variety of tips including serrated tips, 1 x 2 teeth, micro tips and platform with 1 x 2 teeth or smooth tips

Product Image (Syringe Without Needle)

Syringe Without Needle

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Syringes are essentially a small, manual pump device used for medical procedures. Syringes are used for injections, fluid removal or irrigation.

Product Image (Surgical Gloves Sterile)

Surgical Gloves Sterile

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit

As a prominent company, we are engaged in offering a wide and quality proven range of Latex Surgical Gloves Non Sterile.


Oesophogoscope With Fiber Optic Carrier

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Oesophagoscope with fiberoptic light carrier, for Child, Adolescent and Adults, graduated in centimeters. Oesophageal Speculum available in Polished metal or Mat finishes metal in case.


Wormald Biopolar

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit
  • Supply Ability:500-2000 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:15 Days

Suction Machine Portable

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Foot Operated Suction Machine Creates Vacuum with Compressing of Pedal. Unit is made of heavy Base, Aluminium pump with Two Glass Jar.


Mouth Gag Davis Boyles Gag Frame

  • Delivery Time:15 Days
  • Supply Ability:500-2000 Per Week
Product Image (Spinal Needles)

Spinal Needles

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit

SPINAL NEEDLES PENCIL POINT The pencil point spinal needle has an essential advantage over the quincke point spinal needle. It is safer for the patient and user because this needle has a lateral hole through which the anesthetic is delivered into the spinal space.

Product Image (Magna)

Magna Adult Diapers

Price: 10.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Unit

BRAND NEW PACKAGING - 30 medium size adult diapers for upto 8-10 hrs incontinence protection for both men and women.

Product Image ( ELASTIC BAND)

Led Headlight Battery Operated Elastic Band

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

Kraft Surgicals Led Headlight Battery Operated Elastic Band is available to buy in increments of 1 Features: " Led Headlight Battery Operated Elastic Band " Lightweight & adjustable. " It is easily adjustable, elastic headband " the headlamp is perfect for anyone who needs a headlamp " Waterproof

Product Image (Bandage)

Crepe Bandages

Price: 10.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Unit

Smart Medical Buyer stocks the widest range of Crepe Bandages online in India. We provide the lowest prices online, multiple payment options and same day dispatch for these products.

Product Image (Stethoscope Box)

Stethoscope Box

Price: 10 - 10000 USD ($)/Unit

High strength EVA case conveniently holds and protects any stethoscope, sphygmomanometer and penlight from scratches and other damages.

Product Image (Ultrasound Gel )

Ultrasound Gel

Price: 100-10000 USD ($)/Unit
  • Delivery Time:15 Days
  • Supply Ability:500-2000 Per Week

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